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    Recent Articles

    Cuatroochenta receives five million from Banco Santander to accelerate mergers

    Cuatroochenta receives a new boost to its agile mergers and acquisitions strategy. The Valencian technology company listed on BME Growth has the backing of...

    Brussels files with Spain for the delay in the Telecommunications Law

    Brussels files with Spain for the delay in the General Telecommunications Law, which has to incorporate the European Code of Electronic Communications adopted in...

    Google Drive, Dropbox, Mailchimp… beware of the legal risks of uploading personal customer data

    Who hasn't used Dropbox, Google Drive, or We Transfer to send images or heavy document folders at work? How many companies use applications like...

    Cancun: optimism as the hotel occupancy cap is raised to 60%

    The transition to yellow at the epidemiological traffic light in Quintana Roo gives hotels and restaurants in Cancun, and other destinations, a respite towards...

    Air Canada completes the purchase of Airplane Loyalty Business

    Air Canada acquired the Aeroplan customer loyalty plan from Aimia Canada Inc., which it will launch in 2020 with the aim of offering benefits...

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