The free video game that sweeps Spain thanks to youtubers

    It is a free title that can be played through the internet or in your Android or IOS applications. It has more than 500 million games

    Guess which has the most Google searches: “Vegetarian or Las Vegas”, “Selena Gomez or Blood Moon?”, “Marijuana or Christmas”. Possibly they are questions that you would never have asked yourself and whose answers reveal a lot about the interests of the society in which we live. This is Higher or Lower, the fashion video game that is sweeping Spain thanks to the direct of the youtubers.

    Higher or Lower is a very simple trivia game that can be played directly in its web version or downloaded for Apple’s iOS mobiles from the App Store, on Android or also from Amazon’s Alexa assistant.

    The mechanics of the game, which is only in English, consists in that the player must choose, between two options, the term that has the highest number of searches in the Google search engine, accumulated in their monthly average.

    The game challenges you to get the longest hitting streak possible in its classic mode, which saves the user’s highest score, and currently the average is 3.2 hits per round.

    Likewise, it also has a time trial mode in which players have to respond in the shortest possible time to the unknowns of the game, and in early access there is a new elimination mode, which faces several players.

    In total, the game has more than 500 million games around the world that owes part of its fame to popular youtubers in our country such as Vegeta777, Willyrex, Ibai Llanos or El Rubius.

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