When is the town hall 14 released in Clash of Clans?

    A newly updated Builder’s Hut with a defensive tower and the ability for the Builder to enhance neighboring defenses has just been made known as one of Town Hall 14’s new features. Find out more here! Before reading note that you can download or Buy Town Hall 14 from special sites or channels like Gamestores. You can Buy coc accounts and other online game accounts in this reliable market!

    As anticipated, upgrading to Town Hall 14 will provide new defense/building/trap levels and extra unlocks. New levels are also being added to your Heroes, Troops, and Spells. The following is what to anticipate with Town Hall 14 even if we don’t yet know the precise details of each new level:

    Further unlocks:

    • 25 pieces of wall
    • Air Bomb one
    • a single Seeking Air Mine
    • Skeleton trap, 1
    • 1x Bomb
    • Giant Bomb: 1

    New defense, structure, and trap levels:

    • 12th level laboratory
    • 10th level Clan Castle
    • Gold Storage at Level 15
    • Elixir Storage at Level 15
    • Dark Elixir Storage Level 9
    • 20th-level cannon
    • Tesla Level 13 Hidden
    • Tower Bomb Level 9
    • Inferno Tower on Level 8
    • Eagle Artillery at Level 5.
    • Scattershot at Level 3
    • 10 Level Bomb
    • 15th level wall

    Levels of New Heroes

    • Iron Fist Level 16 Barbarian King Level 80
    • Royal Cloak Level 16 and Archer Queen Level 80
    • Grand Warden Level 55 with the Eternal Tome and Level 11 Life Aura
    • Seeking Shield Level 6 and Royal Champion Level 30

    Higher Troop Levels

    • 10th-level Barbarian
    • Level 10 Archer
    • Wallbreaker Level 10
    • Healer at Level 7
    • Baby Dragon at level 8
    • 10th level minion
    • Level 9 Valkyrie
    • Level 6 Frost Golem

    Levels of New Spells

    • 7th-level clone
    • 8th-level poison

    A new Town Hall entrance is always thrilling since it gives the game new vitality. Of course, lengthening the endgame has certain disadvantages, such as making it harder for new players to catch up. The good news is that upgrading to a new Town Hall usually takes less time and costs less money than upgrading to a previous Town Hall level. There may be price and time reductions for some of the soldiers and lower-level structures as well.

    Sadly, none of these new levels has metrics attached to them. It appears that we will have to wait until the following sneak peek, which will be released on Thursday, April 8. This will handle “quality of life enhancements,” which presumably includes balancing tweaks, as promised by Supercell.

    It is strange that there was no mention of any new structures or armies being introduced with the new Town Hall 14. It’s conceivable that Supercell is holding off on making these revelations until a later sneak look this week. It’s also conceivable that the upcoming troops are already stationed in a lower-level Town Hall, which would explain why they haven’t yet been made public.

    Hero’s Pet was one such structure that leaked next to Town Hall 14. The leak revealed a pet home and multiple footprints, which suggested that the game’s various heroes would have companion animals that help them in battle. However, this was never confirmed and could simply be a ludicrous fan idea. Catching exotic animals to train in your community can also go well with Town Hall 14’s overall jungle theme.

    Hero’s Pet was one such structure that leaked next to Town Hall 14. The leak revealed a pet home and multiple footprints, which suggested that the game’s various heroes would have companion animals that help them in battle. However, this was never confirmed and could simply be a ludicrous fan idea. Catching exotic animals to train in your community can also go well with Town Hall 14’s overall jungle theme.


    • The level 14 Town Hall is equipped with a defensive weapon called the Giga Inferno.
    • Multiple targets are simultaneously dealt incredibly heavy damage per second by the Giga Inferno. It only appears when the Town Hall is harmed or when the base is destroyed to a percentage of 51%.
    • When the Town Hall is destroyed, a poison bomb that functions similarly to the Poison Spell is released, damaging nearby troops and slowing their movement and attack speeds.
    • Although it initially seems as though the poison bomb has fully replaced the frozen explosion effect, it is actually more of a direct improvement.
    • The level 1 Giga Inferno in Town Hall 14 shares the majority of the level 5 Giga Inferno’s statistics, including DPS, range, number of targets, and damage when destroyed. The main difference is that instead of partially freezing the surrounding region, its exploding explosion generates a deadly poisonous cloud.
    • The Town Hall is not considered a defensive structure until the Giga Inferno appears in a fight, and defense-targeting forces like Giants will not assault it while other defenses are still in place. These warriors will be able to attack the Town Hall with the current defenses after the Giga Inferno is activated.
    • The amount of stars that appear while tapping on a Town Hall 14 indicates the Giga Inferno level. The intensity of the Giga Inferno inside is likewise shown in Roman numerals on the exterior of the Town Hall. As the aesthetic improvement between the Town Hall and the weapon itself is not as stunning, this is more significant than the Giga Tesla’s meaning.

    Strategy and Tips

    • Similar to an Inferno Tower with many targets but far more damage output, the Giga Inferno may be quite destructive. If you want to halt the Giga Inferno from doing havoc on your soldiers, you might want to consider casting a Freeze Spell on it.
    • The Giga Inferno can occasionally be disastrous (for the defending side), as defense-targeting troops (such as Giants, Balloons, and Golems) can then assault the Town Hall. To combat this, it is advantageous to have a single-target Inferno Tower nearby.
    • A single Earthquake Spell may be used to start the Giga Inferno, allowing soldiers that target defenses, such as Balloons, to move in on and attack the Town Hall. In order to give the Giga Inferno less time to fire on these soldiers, it is frequently preferable to do this when these forces are near the Town Hall.
    • The Giga Inferno cannot employ its maximum damage output while targeting a single target, just as the multi-target Inferno Tower and Giga Tesla. As long as the Healers keep out of the way, Queen Charges assaulting the Town Hall (if it is undefended by any other fortifications) will typically be able to destroy it. Giga Infernos can do more damage than the Healers can repair on their own, therefore a Rage Spell can be needed to increase their capacity (particularly at later levels).
    • Be ready for the Giga Inferno’s explosion if you manage to destroy it. It may quickly wipe out many smaller troops, such as Bowlers and Balloons, and it can also severely damage your bigger soldiers and heroes. Although the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability can stop the Poison effect from slowing down your troops, it cannot stop the explosion damage from injuring or killing them.
    • Even if the Tome shields your troops from the blast, the poison that results will persist longer and cause them significant harm. As a result, it is wise to use a hero or a siege machine to demolish the Town Hall early in the assault so that the majority of your force never needs to battle it.
    • The deadly explosion and poisoning effects of the Giga Inferno are unaffected by a Freeze Spell.
    • Even if miners are underground, the toxin will still damage them.
    • Although substantial, the explosion’s radius is less than the Giga Inferno’s range. If they do not approach the Town Hall before the explosion, long-ranged troops like the Archer Queen can avoid the blast.
    • A single Wall Wrecker or Battle Blimp (loaded with high damage Clans Castle troops, such as P.E.K.K.As, Valkyries, or Balloons) can frequently be used to target the Town Hall while the rest of the army can be used to clear the buildings around the sides of the Town Hall is isolated and has a lot of open space around it, as is typically the case in anti-2-star bases. The explosion should only harm any Clan Castle troops you deployed to destroy the Town Hall with the Siege Machine, allowing you to employ the Grand Warden’s ability elsewhere (against the Eagle Artillery, for example).

    Upgrade Differences

    • The roman numerals on the side of the Town Hall update to reflect the level of the Giga Inferno after each upgrade.
    • When enhanced, the Giga Inferno modifies.
    • A round pillar with fractures on top summons a floating ball of energy at level 1.
    • The energy ball becomes bigger at level 5.
    • With each upgrade, the Town Hall’s basis is altered.
    • The second step of the top’s corners is gilded on level 2.
    • On level 3, the Town Hall’s pool is a little bit larger, and the Giga Inferno’s sliding cover is entirely golden.
    • At level 4, an elaborate new design with a purple flower is added to the corners and the pattern close to the door.
    • At level 5, the flowers on top of the Town Hall are larger, and the pool completely encircles it, acting as a moat.


    • The Town Hall 14 (TH14) upgrade on April 12, 2021, saw the introduction of the Giga Inferno.
    • The balancing adjustments introduced on April 29, 2021, caused the Poison DPS to rise faster.


    • In Supercell’s Town Hall 14 Dev Update video, Darian claims that indigenous Mesoamerican architecture served as inspiration for the design of the Town Hall as well as the structures with new upgrade levels and new buildings.
    • The Giga Inferno for Town Hall 14 does not behave as a bomb on its own like the previous two versions of Town Hall weaponry because it is mostly just a ball of energy summoned on top of the Town Hall. Instead, it enters a container and interacts with the contents to ignite an explosive reaction. As the container gets brighter and a skull starts to emerge, it explodes and leaves a poisonous mist in its wake.
    • The container may hold the materials for a Poison Spell, activated by Dark Elixir at a high energy state to cause both an explosion and a cloud of poison, as Inferno Towers are fueled by Dark Elixir and Poison Spells are created from Dark Elixir.
    • Due to the fact that only the Poison Bomb is updated in Town Hall 14, and since these modifications are less substantial than those made in Town Hall 13, the Giga Inferno upgrade costs are cheaper in Town Hall 14 than they are in Town Hall 13.

    Details about Town Hall 14 in Clash of Clans

    To begin with, upgrading to Town Hall 14 will cost 16 million gold and take 20 days. Here are the new capabilities:

    • 2M Gold
    • Elixir 2M
    • Dark Elixir 20K
    • 9000 Hit Points

    Town Hall 14 expands on the defensive strategies used in Town Hall 13. It will still have a Giga Inferno that damages several foes simultaneously over time. You may now improve it to level 5, though. When the Town Hall is demolished, a new protection mechanism now goes into effect in addition to the increased damage. Now, a massive Poison Bomb that delivers damage and hinders opponent attacks and movement speed falls when Town Hall 14 is destroyed. The explosion was captured on video. The video showed the exploding Town Hall taking out a wave of Minions.

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