After blocking blogger Bolsonarista, Secretary of Culture says he will ‘seek clarification’ from YouTube

    Decision was announced a day after Google’s video platform blocked Bolsonarista channel for non-compliance with the platform’s standards.

    The secretary of Culture, Mário Frias, published on his Twitter this Friday (5) that he determined that the Secretariat of Copyrights and Intellectual Property (SDAPI) notify YouTube asking for explanations about the “suspension of some users of the platform”.

    Frias did not directly mention the Tuesday Free profile, of blogger Bolsonarista Allan dos Santos, who was suspended from YouTube last Thursday (4), but republished a message from Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro that indicated how to watch the channel on Instagram.

    “I will not admit any type of censorship, and I will seek all clarifications, since our legal system only allows such suspension through a court order”, wrote the secretary.

    Google, the owner of the video platform, told G1 that it has not yet received any notification and that “all content on YouTube needs to follow our guidelines”.

    The statement further states that, “if an account has been restricted on the platform or unable to use any of our resources, the creator will not be able to use another channel to circumvent these penalties”. “We consider violating it to be in breach of our Terms of Service, which can lead to account termination.”

    Blogger is investigated by the PF

    llan dos Santos is the target of two inquiries at the STF and has already been the target of PF operations.

    One of the inquiries investigates threats to court ministers and the spread of fake content on the internet, the so-called fake news. The other investigates the financing of anti-democratic acts.

    In both cases, Allan dos Santos denies involvement in irregularities.

    State-owned ad

    Allan dos Santos is one of the bloggers investigated at the STF who received state advertising funds.

    In testimony to CPMI of Fake News in November 2019, dos Santos said he did not receive money from the government.

    PF concludes that Bolsonaro support sites profit from privileged government information
    Data from the Presidency’s Communication Secretariat, however, show that more than 28,000 advertisements by Petrobras and Eletrobras were aired on the blogger’s channel and others investigated in the fake news inquiry.

    The announcements were made between January 2017 and July 2019, before and during the Bolsonaro government, according to the newspaper “O Globo”.

    Contract with the Presidency

    In addition, the Presidency of the Republic hired, without bidding, a company whose owner has already affirmed in his testimony that he is a “hidden partner” of the Tuesday Free website.

    The contract was published in the “Diário Oficial da União” and provides for the payment of R $ 360 thousand to the company AYR – Ayres Serviços de Informação for “technical maintenance services for the Pátria Voluntária platform”.

    The hiring of AYR was done without bidding based on the article in the Bidding Law on “unfeasibility of competition”.

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