Apple Car will show the road like a video game

    Apple will bet on LiDAR technology in the Apple Car, and would already be in talks with suppliers.

    Some predictions estimate that the Apple Car would be available in 2030. What seems certain is that it is a real project and the company seeks to enter new markets.

    It has not been defined if Apple will develop the car alone or if it will partner with a manufacturer in the sector. Apple specialist Ming-Chi Kuo has commented that the design of the Apple Car will be very accessible and full of technology, with seats that move and private screens; the company will bet on LiDAR technology to differentiate itself from Tesla.

    Bloomberg has revealed that Apple is already in contact with suppliers of parts and components to develop or obtain LiDAR sensors for its new product. The project is called Project Titan.

    Apple has received three patents related to Project Titan, as revealed in Patently Apple. The patent explains how the data obtained by LiDAR can be used to create a windshield with augmented reality. The patent presents 3D graphics generated by the car in the areas of interest.

    An example of its use is to show the road even if it is not visible, by means of a three-dimensional image of the road on the windshield, even objects on the road can be visualized.

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