Corsair’s new RAM balances power and RGB aesthetics

    If the issue of modding and RGB on PC gives you hives, the new Corsair RAM may fit you because of its power and because it is not the most striking

    How boring to talk about computer components, right? Now that everything important comes in a single lightweight body and with a screen on top and we carry it in our pocket, it seems that talking about the key parts of a computer does not have any charisma. But it does, and a lot, because it is not the same to buy an iPhone than to build your own computer.

    In this sense, Corsair is one of the most consistent and highest-quality manufacturers when it comes to launching components, from cooling systems to power supplies, through the part I am here to talk about today: random access memory, or RAM.

    The new Vengeance RGB Pro SL launched by Corsair are defined by the LED lights that allow RGB lighting (of all colors, so we can understand each other), by the compact factor (they have a height of 44mm, so they would not collide with a heatsink oversized) and feature aluminum materials that dissipate heat adequately, even overclocking.

    It is available in two variants, CL16 with 3,200mhz frequency or CL18 with 3,600mhz, and in capacities ranging from 16GB in a module or 128GB. Its price, between 110 euros and 764 euros for those 128GB. The logical thing for 90% is to go for the 16GB of RAM, which can be found reduced by a few euros in online stores.

    Corsair (Corsair Vengeance LPX)

    It is difficult to measure the real performance of a new RAM is complex because you have to use different programs and stress tests that, in my experience, often end up being perverted by the capacity of the rest of the computer. But on my computer, the difference has been noticeable between the modules I had before, also from Corsair (Corsair Vengeance LPX).

    To get the most out of it, given the high frequencies in which they can move, a high-end processor is necessary, both from Intel and AMD, the latter being the ones that perhaps get more performance for the number of processors they include. If you have a mid-range computer, I would tell you that you can save money by investing money in another component or by buying more modest RAM: you are not going to get the most out of these modules beyond having more gross amount of GB of memory.

    Of course, if you want to put lights on and make your computer look better, they are very appropriate RAM modules, while its RGB LED light modules allow total customization of the lighting. With Corsair’s proprietary software, iCUE, it is possible to make patterns and synchronize the rest of the components of the brand that you have on your computer so that they look at the same rhythm and color.

    It is clear that these RAM modules are intended by and for computer gamers. Someone who needs to do more precise work, such as calculating variables, is going to need more RAM than what Corsair makes. But it is logical.

    If you are looking for a RAM with RGB and up-to-date, so much as to hold you perhaps even until you completely renew your computer, this may be the one.

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