Elgato Light Strip: RGB led strips for professional streamers

    Elgato today announced a new lighting product, the Light Strip, which is a strip of LEDs to illuminate your steaming sessions with colors

    Elgato has expanded its ecosystem of lighting systems with a strip of LEDs called Light Strip. Together with the Ring Light and Key Light, they close a set of products designed for players who broadcast their games live.

    Among the main features of the Light Strip, the length of 2 meters (although it is possible to cut it as you need it), the power of 2,000 lumens, the white setting between 3,500 and 6,500 kelvin and the possibility of changing and synchronizing stand out. colors using an app.

    Elgato seeks that users combine the different products of the brand with this new accessory, hence the colors of the LED strip can be changed with a Stream Deck (a keypad that sells the brand in three different sizes).


    Since the LED strip comes with a layer of two-sided adhesive already on, it is quite easy to put it on and start using it. The topic of cutting it is a bit scary, because it seems you can screw it up easily, but Elgato includes a very simple tutorial to do it without fuss.

    Obviously, the most advisable thing for this type of product is to first be clear about where you are going to place it. In our experience, his would be to use it to tint a small or medium-sized room with a color and from the ground, and thus give your streams another roll. They are also valid to include lighting on a desk or behind a monitor, which can make continued use of it more bearable.

    Its performance in any case is exquisite and it is possibly the best strip of LEDs I have ever tried. The shine is very intense, the material is of quality and it does not look like it is going to fail at the least. Being able to adjust the colors and intensity by software is also very convenient.

    The only problem with the Light Strip is that there is a lot of competition in this section and that there are much cheaper products of the same type. At 60 euros for every 2 meters, it is difficult to recommend it unless you already have other products of the brand and are going to take advantage of the Elgato ecosystem.

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