Exile equals distrust

    The events and circumstances of exiled Latin American (peasants) looking for a place to take refuge and, if possible, live in the United States or in Mexican cities, give rise to multiple speculations about the evolution and consequences they give rise to.

    The language, the word, never finishes accounting for what escapes, is hidden and is the center of the problem. That, which because it is enigmatic, is not decipherable, however, if we pay attention to what is perceived, coupled with interiority, there are possibilities of establishing new readings of the facts.

    Faced with the painful sense of helplessness they are experiencing on their way to the neighboring country to the north, Latin American exiles experience a sense of mistrust and fear that runs through and slides while governments establish negotiations.
    As in Kafka’s castle, America is not the end, but the inaccessible. One door leads to another. A secret that hides another secret … it will always be far away as long as we continue talking.

    A mistrust that makes endless each point, each comma, each pause, each word that can be taken to infinity.

    Distrust in the limits of the frame: time, place, people, forms of expression, mutual respect, which in turn become unlimited.

    Mistrust in the order to pose problems, reflections of experiences in which consciousness is abolished, open to the unimaginable, promoter of severe persecutory and querulous nuances and proscribes words that would correspond to its domain. Distrust that reveals an abyss built of mutual distrust between authorities of disagreeing nations and the language is cause for endless suspicion. The basic lack of confidence highlights the moment, the fleetingness of the moment, the tragic moments in which meaning is destroyed.

    Distrust that speaks of something elusive, of a rupture that arises from the very interior of the words and in fissures of the same words in which meaning escapes by transforming the real into “expressive” muteness. Words exist apart from what they express, detached from content, disassociated and split from meaning. The distrust revealed in silences, dialogue breaks, absences, a characteristic stamp of reciprocal impotence (omnipotence) in the face of double discourse without rational legitimacy, when the vision does not find representation it becomes immobilized and horror, panic, paralysis appear. The word disappears, freezes and a painful effort to mean collapses in the face of the cultural denial of the rejection of the different.

    Thus, the word will operate in a hollow way, without echo, without resonance, without reference and without addressee.

    What will result in irrational actions, verbalizations as discharge, instead of rational acts preceded by the reflection product of an act of complex thought.

    There the distrust is incubated that prevents recognizing the language that covers the anguish and the fear of the unknowable. The power of what is at stake exceeds the power of what is said, each word pulling on another, creating a base of meaning that is displaced. The words suggesting, tapping, making one suspect …

    A baby exiled from his mother faces a world that shifts between the very rich and the very poor.

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