Samsung introduces its NeoQLED TVs for 2021

    In 2020, TV sales multiplied for obvious reasons. What does 2021 hold for new Samsung models?

    Samsung has presented for Europe its new range of televisions for 2021, emphasizing its line of ‘lifestyle’ screens as well as improvements in the lighting technologies of its most advanced panels.

    Two of the keywords to understand the new Samsung televisions for 2021 are NeoQLED and MicroLED, which are nothing but the technologies on which these new screens are based and that go a little beyond the LED and QLED that the company has been using. company so far.


    Samsung already showed its MicroLED technology in 2018 with an experimental screen called The Wall and in 2021 it will reach its highest range of televisions in March, those of 99 and 110 inches (later, 88 and 76 inches). It will not be within reach of any pocket.

    It is a technology that competes with and exceeds OLED in certain cases by using inorganic LEDs of such a small size that they allow the creation of an infinite number of independent lighting zones on a screen, so the black is deeper, but it does not sacrifice as much the maximum brightness .

    High-end televisions for the rest of mortals will use a MiniLED technology that Samsung has dubbed NeoQLED. The principle is the same: LEDs so small that they can illuminate very small areas and that, working throughout the panel, allow a higher contrast while maintaining a good amount of brightness.

    Thus, in 2021, there will be two models with 8K resolution from Samsung that use the NeoQLED: QN800A and QN900A. They will be available in sizes 65 “, 75” and 85 “. The technology will also come to two high-end 4K models, the QN90A and QN85A, which start at 50 inches.


    Samsung is one of the few companies that is making televisions also thinking about their niche design and features. The Frame, The Sero and The Serif will receive updates in 2021 that, although their designs do not change much, they do update their features and include new accessories. The Frame will feature a larger catalog of artwork to function as a wall hanging, for example.

    Together with these three already known models, two new formats arrive. The Terrace, designed for outdoors and in large formats; and The Premiere, a 4K resolution triple laser projector that reaches up to 130 inches.

    Another unusual screen is Samsung FLIP, a 75-inch interactive screen designed for schools and learning places, as it is tactile and can display content, draw on it and interact with an entire classroom at the same time. It will be available in sizes 13, 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches.

    And even if it’s not a screen, Samsung has also introduced a new top-of-the-line soundbar, the Q950A, with 11.1.4 sound (the world’s first, says Samsung), bass-boosting features and the ability to connect. mobile devices with a single touch.


    Samsung has also presented two monitors, its Smart Monitor to do a little of everything and that has the operating system of its televisions installed to be able to watch Netflix and other streaming services; and also an improved version of the Odyssey G9, its curved and panoramic monitor. It will have Quantum MiniLED.

    All Samsung televisions this year also have HDMI 2.1, essential for the new PS5 and Xbox Series game consoles. With just 5.8ms of response time and the ability to play at 4K and 120fps in VRR game mode, Samsung is up to the task and beats LG OLEDs in certain parameters for gaming.

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