Sony launches the first televisions with GoogleTV

    The new range of Bravia televisions is also the first designed with the PS5 and the new generation of consoles in mind.

    After the CES in Las Vegas digital, where Sony originally announced its new televisions for 2021, in a digital event for the Spanish press, Sony has confirmed the launches of its new range for Spain.

    They will be 4K and 8K screens, HDR and with LCD and OLED technology that will also boast of being the first models designed from scratch with the new generation of game consoles in mind. They will also give access to the new 4K video streaming service Bravia Core, announced during the last CES in Las Vegas.


    The new range debuts a design in which all the prominence has been given to the panel. With hardly any frames and with supports that can be installed in various positions to adapt to different types of furniture width, or the presence of a sound bar.

    All screens also have a new image processor, Bravia XR, which Sony defines as “cognitive”. Unlike the previous processors that the company used in its televisions, the XR is capable of applying color and brightness corrections according to the type of scene and the elements that appear in it. Identify the focal points of the image, for example, and apply greater sharpness and detail to them.

    This processor is also in charge of scaling 4K content to 8K on televisions compatible with that resolution, such as the Z9J. It is a process in which it adds definition and texture to the images to be able to enjoy them at the quality of the native 8K content, which is still practically non-existent.

    The televisions will be the first, too, already designed with the new generation of consoles in mind and offer very low response times and variable refresh rates to accommodate gaming on devices like the PS5.


    But the new Bravia also stand out for another function. They will be the first ambassadors in Spain of the GoogleTV operating system, which replaces the AndroidTV that until now came with the brand’s devices.

    GoogleTV presents a new interface in which available content and apps share the limelight. It is more similar, in that sense, to what AppleTV offers, with series and movies from different featured services as soon as you open the application, and a mosaic with the different applications and games at the bottom of the screen.

    One of the applications installed by default will be Bravia Core. It is a hybrid service for streaming and selling Sony movies announced last January and developed together with Sony Pictures Entertainment.

    Bravia Core will offer more than 100 classic titles, in addition to recent cinema releases, but unlike Netflix or Disney + it will do so at a much higher quality. Up to 80 Mbps, almost three times more than what Netflix offers at its best quality, in some cases. This image quality is even better than 4K Blu-Ray but you will need a good internet connection to take advantage of it.

    The streaming service will have no monthly cost for buyers of new televisions during the first months (the number of months varies depending on the TV model) and will include the aforementioned hundred movies in 4K HDR quality.

    Sony will also include credits to purchase remastered movies with the highest possible quality, IMAX Enhanced, a standard that takes full advantage of the screen surface and resolution.

    The first televisions to hit the market will be the 65-inch and 55-inch Bravia XR MASTER Series A90J OLEDs, which will be available for purchase at the end of March. Later it will also arrive in a size of 83 inches.

    The rest of the screens will hit the market throughout the year. Sony has not yet provided prices for the different models.

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