The clever Rubik’s cube for those who were never able to solve it

    If you could never solve a Rubik’s cube this invention is for you

    There are people who can solve a Rubik’s cube in seconds. Others may go a lifetime without being able to reach the solution on their own. For the latter they have invented GoCube, an electronic Rubik’s cube that connects via Bluetooth to the mobile or tablet to help you solve it.

    GoCube Rubik’s cubes are compatible with Android and iOS thanks to their apps that can be downloaded from the application stores.

    The apps have tutorials and step-by-step explanations to teach how to solve Rubik’s cubes depending on how the pieces are mixed.

    This Rubik’s cube has sensors inside, a battery and a USB connection port to charge it and to communicate with the application. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts a week.

    In addition, it has different levels of difficulty, progression statistics and different metrics on its resolution.

    Also, the cube offers a competitive mode to challenge a friend and see who has been able to solve the game in less time.


    However, the GoCube smart cube has a big problem: it is much higher than traditional Rubik’s cubes.

    In the United States it costs $ 60. However, its price in Spain rises to almost 80 euros. 20 times more expensive than a traditional Rubik’s cube.

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