Xiaomi Mi Air Charge: this is how your mobile battery will be recharged over the air

    No cables or wireless charging bases: with the new technology that Xiaomi has patented, you would charge your mobile from anywhere in your home

    Xiaomi promises users to charge their devices wirelessly without contact and through the air at a distance of several meters with its new Mi Air Charge technology.

    My Air Charge is a wireless charging device that does not require direct contact between the charger and the phone or compatible wearable. With it, Xiaomi assures that it has entered “the true era of wireless charging”.

    This charging device has five interference antennas that can detect the position of the mobile phone, thanks to the beacon built into it. Another 144 antennas in a phase control matrix transmit millimeter waves, which are received in the mobile by 14 antennas that convert the signal into electrical charge.

    With this system, Xiaomi achieves remote wireless charging of 5 watts through the air, several meters away, as the company explains in the statement published on its blog. It also supports charging of multiple devices simultaneously.

    The speed of loading at the moment cannot compete with the speeds that are reached by cable. Traditional charging has already reached the 45 and 60 watt quotas in some models, so Xiaomi’s wireless charging system would be much slower.

    However, the idea of ​​charging the phone little by little while using it freely would make a lot of sense and make it more convenient to use the devices at home. No more having to stick to a socket while watching TV and charging your phone.

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