Your mobile will soon know if you are sleeping and will tell the apps not to bother you

    Nothing worse than a shrill noise when you are falling asleep or already in the deepest sleep. The mobile phone has spoiled the way we sleep and wake up a bit, but Google wants to put a stop to these bad habits caused by technology.

    Google has developed a foundation for developers to implement

    To do this, they have developed a new API for Android (which has been the foundational basis for the development of functions and applications) that, speaking in silver, detects when you have fallen asleep in a more precise way. And once he knows that you are in the arms of Morpheus, he tells the mobile applications and services to be quiet and not disturb.

    Although right now any phone lets you determine what time you sleep to avoid discomfort, the advance that this new sleep detection implies is that it allows you to detect when you have fallen asleep and woke up automatically to learn your usual patterns and better govern the operation of the telephone.

    This new system is governed by micro-movements and light patterns to fine-tune its detection system as much as possible, which is educated from two types of pattern: confirmations that you have fallen asleep (something that checks every 10 minutes) and also understanding when did you wake up

    With all these clues and patterns, the mobile can trace your habits using artificial intelligence and could know, on paper, both what time you go to bed and wake up in the morning and what time you usually take a nap after eating and before going back to work.

    Of course, none of this is of any use if mobile application developers do not decide to implement Google’s new Dream API, but since the search engine company is usually actively promoting all these advances that they include in Android, it would be strange if they did not will employ massively.

    Currently, the most widely used devices to measure and try to regulate sleep patterns are smart watches. Even the cheapest ones have good detection systems and can help you sleep better.

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