Alphabet of Psychology: G for Galatea

    With the beginning of 2021, Sergio García offers us a new letter in his Alphabet of Psychology for EFEsalud, and brings us the letter “G”, Galatea Effect

    Galatea effect

    Ovid says in mythology that Pygmalion, King of Cyprus, single and without wanting to marry because he thought that women were fussy and imperfect, sculpts an ivory statue with the physical characteristics that he desired and attributes to him the personal gifts that he longed for for a wife , thus falling in love with his artistic and inert creation.

    The goddess Aphrodite, goddess of Love, moved by this scene gives life to her sculpture called Galatea.

    And this helps us to expose the mechanism of self-fulfilling prophecy or Galatea effect, when we think that we have the necessary skills to develop in a series of circumstances we can generate the necessary path to achieve it.

    Henry Ford used to say that “Whether you think you can or if you think you can’t, you are right” and brings to light the importance of words and thoughts about ourselves (Galatea Effect) and about others (Pygmalion Effect ).

    The study that popularized these terms is from 1968. Its author, Rosenthal, in which it is said at the beginning of the course in a school that some students are of “high abilities” and previously their names had been chosen at random among the students.

    After the three quarters, their results are examined and grades significantly higher than those of the rest of their classmates appear.

    In such a way that the expectations generated are transmitted and the “randomly chosen” come to think about themselves in a positive way and that they will achieve their academic achievements.

    To use the Galatea effect in our favor it would be necessary:
    1) Neutralize negative thoughts about us, first identifying them and then changing their poles. (My parents and my teachers think I can’t do it but that’s what they think, I can think otherwise)

    2) Analyze your limiting beliefs: Where does the idea come from that I will not be able to do this job? Why do I think I have to give it up? Where did I hear it the first time?

    3) Take care of the words to refer to yourself in the different areas of your life “I am not able to do it, I do not think I can do it, I am a bunch”

    In conclusion, the words we use not only describe reality but also produce it. Our expectations can be the breeding ground for our actions and the successes of our lives.

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