Fruit, an excellent option for your body

    What falls under the category of ‘fruit’?

    The fruit category includes: all fresh or minimally processed fruits; and dried fruits.

    Not included: figs, coconut, olives, and nuts.

    Juices only count as one serving of fruit. They must be juices without added sugar or commercial juices that are 100% squeezed. Does not count as fruit, nectars, or fruit-based drinks.

    In any case, the nutritionist remembers that it is always preferable to eat whole fruits, instead of blended fruit, to benefit from all its nutrients.

    Great nutritional value

    Fruits stand out for their high content of fiber, water, minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals, with a high antioxidant capacity.

    Their high water content (sometimes reaching up to 90 percent) means that they have very few calories. The small caloric contribution of fruits comes from the sugars they contain, which are also responsible for the characteristic sweet taste of these foods.

    They do not provide protein and contain very little fat, except, for example, avocado, which is very rich in healthy fats.

    In general, all fruits have similar nutritional properties but their composition may vary depending on the type of fruit. It is important to mention that both fruits and vegetables are the main source of vitamin C in our diet.

    Tips to get the most nutritional value

    Ensure the daily consumption of fruits without their preparation being a barrier to obtain the maximum nutritional value that this food provides us.

    Watch that the fruit does not deteriorate.

    Avoid storing them for many days in the fridge
    Wash them just before consuming them, but if you decide to wash it and store it in the fridge, make sure that all the moisture has been removed and store it in an open container with a rack on the bottom
    Prefer consumption fresh, raw and unpeeled
    Always wash, with or without skin
    If squeezed, add the pulp
    Do you have to eat fruit every day?
    The answer is redundant: yes. Fruits are within the group of foods that are for daily consumption.

    As with vegetables, daily fruit consumption has been associated with a lower risk of chronic diseases. In fact, the low intake of fruits and vegetables causes up to 2.7 million deaths a year worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Its nutritional content and its absence of salt, fats and added sugars, are responsible for the multiple beneficial effects that fruits provide us. In addition, “when we eat fruits, basically what we are doing is displacing the intake of other indulgence foods,” explains Laura Gonzalez. That is, we unconsciously opt for the healthiest option.

    Do we eat more fruit now than a few years ago?

    With all the information we have about the benefits of fruit, one might think that the consumption of this food has increased substantially over the years. But the opposite has happened. Laura González explains that between the 60s and 70s there was an upward trend in the sale and consumption of fruits. Today, however, its consumption is below the recommendations.

    Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) recommend a minimum consumption of 400g of fruits and vegetables per day (excluding potatoes and other tubers) to “improve health general and reduce the risk of certain non-communicable diseases. “

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