Nutrition Alphabet: Gastronomy in Almería

    On its tour of the Spanish provinces in 2021, the Nutrition Alphabet arrives in Almería to learn about the gastronomy of this place, led by nutritionist Laura González

    After passing through Albacete and Alicante, Henar Fenández, coordinator and host of “El Bistruí”, and the head of Health and Nutrition at Nestlé, Laura González, gather in Almeria cuisine, its gastronomy, its dishes and its many food products.

    The common denominator of the cuisine of Almería, explains Laura, is simplicity as the main feature: long cooking time in traditional recipes, stews over low heat and easy to prepare, and suitable for anyone.

    Another singularity of this province is the close relationship between popular recipes, tradition and peasant origins, where agriculture is a way of life and economic engine of the area, highlights the nutritionist.

    Almeria gastronomy is influenced by other areas, such as the mountains, Murcia or the Alpujarra of Granada.

    Peppers and fish

    The pepper is one of the most widespread products in all their recipes. Roasted red pepper hummus with wafers, pepper millefeuille with tuna mousse or cream of red peppers and tuna.

    With more than 200 kilometers of coastline, Almería has great culinary relevance in the sea, its fish and shellfish.

    The most typical fish are monkfish, mackerel, octopus, squid, ham, cuttlefish and small-sized gallants or parrots, which can be grilled or fried Andalusian style with a subtle batter.

    The so-called Gallo Pedro stands out, which is like a sole, with the head fried and the loins on the grill, a traditional stew from the eastern Almeria that has potato, pepper, onion, tomato, and the Pedro rooster seasoned with pepper, saffron, oil and salt, and which is prepared in a special container, made of aluminum or stainless steel, called cuajadera.

    Among the seafood are red prawns – large, tough and tasty – that can be cooked on the grill. Or the monkfish and prawn skewers with anchovy sauce.

    Soups, vegetables and meats

    Other dishes are the burned broth, a soup with vegetables, potatoes and sardines; or garlic colorao, a consistent soup prepared with cod or ray and a variety of seasonal vegetables.

    Potatoes also stand out, an inexpensive dish with onion, pepper, potato and salt. Or the dish called tabernero, based on garden vegetables, with spicy chilli, on a slice of bread.

    And for the hot months, the white garlic, a traditional soup cooked with ground almonds and bread, usually accompanied by grapes or pieces of melon. Other dishes mentioned by Laura González are bouillabaisse soup, Almeria migas or papaviejos.

    As for the meats, the rabbit or partridge gurullos stand out, a traditional winter recipe, as a stew with rabbit and an artisan pasta based on wheat flour. Also the pot of wheat from Almeria, a stew with pork, chickpeas and wild fennel.

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