Romantic music changes body temperature according to the degree of infatuation

    Research by the University of Granada and the University of La Frontera (Chile) has shown that romantic songs modify body temperature but that they do so to a greater or lesser extent depending on the degree of infatuation of those who listen to it, higher in couples stable

    Scientists from the two universities have analyzed the emotional impact that a couple’s favorite romantic songs have on their body temperature, a study in which infrared thermography techniques have been used and reported by the University of Granada.

    sympathetic activation

    The results of his research indicate that, when a couple who have been in a relationship for less than six months hears what they consider “their song”, there is a cooling at the body level (sympathetic activation), especially in the tip of the nose, in the cheeks, forehead, and tip of the middle finger of the dominant hand.

    However, in those couples with high levels of union and more stable satisfaction, listening to their song produces a body warming in these same parts of the body, which is greater the closer they are.

    The researchers, belonging to the Mind, Brain and Behavior Research Center (CIMCYC), have also determined the differences that occur in skin temperature in ex-partners when they listen to their romantic song.

    Thus, in those people who long for an ex-partner, listening to their song produces a cooling or warming greater than that produced by their current romantic song with their current partner.

    “In this way, the thermal reaction of the skin to” our song “becomes a good indicator of partner satisfaction, and could allow us to find out with objective criteria if you miss your ex or love him more than your current couple ”, explained the researcher at the CIMCYC Thermography Laboratory Emilio Gómez Milan.

    To carry out this still active study, researchers from the University of Granada have asked couples and ex-partners to listen to their song to measure their body temperature and record the changes that occur in it, data to which they add questionnaires on satisfaction of couple and their level of union.

    Gómez Milan has highlighted that music has a strong emotional impact on people and that the feelings it causes can be activated the first time we hear a song, but are enhanced by repetition, life experiences and emotional memories.

    The emotional thermography used by the scientists of the CIMCYC Thermography Laboratory measures the emotions that a person feels due to the thermal changes of the skin when seeing a photo of the loved one, when giving or receiving a kiss or a look, when lying and also listening to music.

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