So you can use WhatsApp on more than one device at the same time

    The update would add several new features that will collaborate with users for high functionality on the web.

    This application will work in two systems so that you can use it in several ‘terminals’ at the same time. The first is focused on the WhatsApp Web application and the second is to use WhatsApp mobile / tablets at the same time.

    The feature will have an option to unlink the account when you no longer want to use it.

    To be used in several ‘terminals’ at the same time, it will be characterized by bringing access to the WhatsApp account to devices other than the main mobile phone on which the application is installed.

    The technology company works on the function for the WhatsApp Web client, which will allow you to use the account even without an internet connection on the main mobile phone, which is currently an essential requirement to use the service, the update hopes that it is not even necessary for your mobile is on.

    At the moment the option of being able to use it on up to four phones or tablets at the same time is of high expectation.

    It should be noted that the limit may vary due to the final implementation by Facebook. As will happen with WhatsApp Web, the user will not need the main mobile phone to have an internet connection.

    The messaging application has included in the beta v2.21.30.16 for iOS an option so that the user can unlink the secondary device from the main account of the ‘app’.

    You must go to ‘WhatsApp Account Settings’ to find the section, under ‘request my account information’. If the option ‘delete my account’ appears on the main mobile phone, while the secondary WhatsApp terminal will show the option ‘close session’.

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