Why is my nose bleeding: there are five main reasons and some are serious

    Raise the arm opposite to the hole in the nose through which the blood is bleeding, put a cotton ball almost until you feel the brain, press a cloth with cold -or hot- water against the nostrils … the number of home remedies that exist to finish With nosebleeds -also called epistaxis- they allow us to get an idea of ​​how frequent this symptom is, which could almost be said with certainty that 100% of the population has suffered at some time in their life.

    But while everyone claims to know how to cut a bleeding of this type – with or without reason – less likely it is that they know the causes that are usually hidden behind it. Although many are banal, some can be worrisome. Here are some of the reasons.

    Drying of the inside of the nostrils

    It is one of the less serious and more frequent causes of nasal bleeding. The nostrils are internally lined with a kind of membrane that acts as a filter, in turn armed with hairiness, moisture and mucus. That is why it is advisable to always breathe through the nose, and hence the importance of keeping it clean and preserving it from dryness, among other things, so as not to facilitate the proliferation of bacteria or infections, and to obtain better breathing.

    When all else fails, one of the things that can happen is your nose bleeds. Viruses dry out the nasal passages, in which case the nasal congestion that accompanies infection (rhinitis) prevents the lining of the inside of the nose from maintaining its normal levels of moisture. Now, if the nose becomes congested due to excess mucus and it also becomes dry, the protective capacity of the nasal mucosa will visibly suffer. The consequences can be translated into painful wounds in the nostrils that end in scabs, sometimes bleeding and smelly if it is dry rhinitis.

    The nose is also susceptible to dryness caused by extreme environmental heat or cold. Heating or air conditioning are, in this respect, equally capable of altering the blood vessels and mucous membranes inside the nose, as is stress or strenuous physical exercise. With all these factors, it’s no wonder that nosebleeds are common. But, as we have said, in most cases it is not something serious.

    A foreign body inside the nasal passages

    This is something that affects children more than adults. Little ones tend to put foreign bodies in their noses, ranging from small toys to food to dangerous button batteries. The problem is that we don’t always realize it and sometimes the object stays there for months. This is what is called a long-standing foreign body, and in this case the diagnosis is usually made by the presence of unilateral malodorous purulent rhinorrhea, with nasal respiratory failure on that side. The most frequent objects are usually erasers, necklace balls, cotton … It is very important that it is not removed manually, and less with tweezers, because there is a risk of pushing the body further back into the nostril.

    Allergic rhinitis

    It’s one of the most well-known symptoms for anyone with an allergy, but this constant runny nose isn’t always accompanied by a nosebleed. However, experts are clear that a common symptom of allergic rhinitis is bleeding from the nose, without blows, for no apparent reason, many times at night. Allergy specialists are clear that it is not something that should concern those who suffer from it, although they should be put in the hands of a specialist, but more to control rhinitis itself than for the specific symptom of nosebleed.

    Broken nose

    It seems obvious, but a nosebleed can be the clear symptom of a ruptured appendix. If this is the case, not only will you see blood running through the orifices, but you will also feel pain, difficulty breathing nasally, and bruised skin around the nose and eyes, among other signs. If you suspect a broken nose, go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

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